Beth Galton – “Cut Food”

‘this series was inspired by an assignment in which we were asked to cut a burrito in half for a client. normally for a job, we photograph the surface of food, occasionally taking a bite or a piece out, but rarely the cross section of a finished dish. by cutting these items in half we move past the simple appetite appeal we normally try to achieve and explore the interior worlds of these products.’ – beth galton

Beth Galton’s aim was to expose the inside of food, the part of the food that is never normally shown in advertisements or cookbooks. A lot of the photos have been manipulated in Photoshop in order to view a cup of coffee of a soup sliced in half.

beth-galton-food-photography-designboom-07 beth-galton-food-photography-designboom-02

Another one of Galton’s conceptual still life projects was called “The series of texture” – “a project which put two juxtaposed elements side by side”. Showing images showing peanut butter and jelly and two peas and a pod.

beth-galton-food-photography-designboom-15 beth-galton-food-photography-designboom-20



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