Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli was inspired by his childhood love for miniature toys and it also interested in the dramatic and comedic contract between small people in a over sized world. Using food was also a strong choice as it has so many textures and colours and what food and toys have in common is that they are recognized all over the world.

Boffoli also goes onto say that people have a very sensuous relationship with food and now eat with our eyes through TV advertisements and books. “Our eyes process the sensual experience of food that our mouths and noses have forgotten.” I dont think this is a big issue, its good that people recognize the beauty of food. But this can also be the case for fast foods certain not beautiful but people still undress its with their eyes thinking more about the look rather than the food.

During Boffoli’s research he obsevred both natural beautiful natural foods as well as popular pre made food we may desire more because they could hold a memory or a feeling. Whilst also searching for the food he thinks of cleaver ways that the miniature people could interact with it. During the photoshoop Boffoli trys to use natural light as much as he can but on more dull days he has to use artificial lighting. Only some of the final images need touching up with colour or light so there is very little manipulation involved.

linguine car wash 2400 macaron300dpi24x36

The photos generate a huge reaction from the view. They can connect either because of comedic purposes of from memory stimulation. For me It was the spaghetti car wash (left) Spaghetti is my all time favourite food and to see it displayed like this is funny but also invokes memories of my childhood eating and playing with spaghetti.



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