Rene Mesman

Rene Mesman explores many different techniques in food photography from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Firstly, the ordinary. These are your typical cook book images. They are much more crisp and have a sort of rustic country feel to them. Mesman makes the food look incredibly appetizing and often blurs out other objects to focus more on the food.

cac cad

Slightly more extraordinary, Mesman has created fantisiy themed landscapes out of food. My favourite out of the two is the mushroom forest. It does not look like it has been manipulated further than the camera, everything seems to be in proportion and the white light is glowing in the background makes it look as though it goes on forever.


Slightly more odd, upside down vegetables. Im uncertain whether or not these photos have been manipulated in photoshop because they do look incredibly natural but i suppose that that is the trick.



Moving on to a more stranger technique of making hybrids out of food. With apple and there pear image there are tones of expressions to combine the too “apples and pears up the stairs”. They are also naturally compared to one another and the shape of the two co well together. This is different to the fish and the pineapple. They are molded together through texture. The pineapples outside looks like the scales of a fish and the points on the leaves of the pineapple go with the edginess of the fish. This is not as attractive as the first image.



These photos are the most extraordinary but by far are my favourite. Resmen has created similar textures to the animals out of food. With the Rooster, the razor clams compliment the pattern, shape and colour of the birds wings. The mushrooms also compliment the colour of the bird and have an incite into where its habitat is.


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