Food out of Place

In food photography there are always props to help set the scene for example, sweets with cupcakes, baskets with fruit and vet. It would be interesting to see the contrast if these props were mixed up with the opposite foods.

  • Chinese food in Indian setting or Indian food in Chinese setting
  • Fish displayed like Cupcakes or Cupcakes displayed like Fish
    – Fish Cupcakes
    – Cupcakes at harbor
  • Food as Drink
    – Soup in Cocktail Glass
    – Jam in Cocktail Glass
  • Vegetables displayed like meat at butchers
  • Takeaway Displayed as Healthy food or Healthy food displayed as Takeaway

This soup looks completely out of place, it does not look appetising. Sound rarely comes out in a glass, its usually homely and warm. I suppose the attempt was to make the soup look class but it just looks sickly.



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