Some people are very passionate about their nationality and food often expresses this. All countries have their own dish that they think represents them, America have hamburgers, China has tea and rice, India has spices and England has Fish and Chips.

This article supports what people eat depending on their nationality:

Examples from it are:
Typical American foods in this picture are takeaways like pizza, burger king and lots of snack and junk foods like crisps and coke. A very small part of this is fruit and veg. Cost: £220

Similary to the Americans Britain has a lot of junk crisps and chocolate. However our fruit and veg section is bigger and we have a lot of dairy. Cost: £155 weekly

Indian is incredibly different from America and Britain. There is hardly any junk foods and the fruit and veg variety is huge. Cost £25 Weekly

North Africa
Lastly, Chad, North Africa is extreamly different to all of the other countries They have a tiny amount of food compared to the other 3 and they have more to feed. The diet main relies on beans and pulse because they have the basic important nutritional values and they are cheap.

All of these countries have their own typical foods, Americas takeaways, Britain’s milk for their tea, India’s vegetable because of religious reasons and North Africa beans and pulses because of poverty. Whats really interesting in that India spends miles less then American and Britain but their diet is clearly better.


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