Street Food Photography

Street Food Photography.

Street photography on its own is a very fast paced action. In seconds the photography needs to capture a clear image and needs to be prepared for anything that may happen around them. It is important to capture a scene in street photography so the viewer can understand everything that is happening in the photo.
lrnice DSC_3669aw

These are 2 different themed photos. The first (left) shows protest and both sides of the protest it is strong and because it shows the people protesting and the people stopping it it tells the viewer the story which is why its important the photography got this all in one image. The second photo (right) is completely different to the first, it is black and white which represents calmness whereas the first image was filled with colour and light. The scene captured is a family hugging making a serene story.

Street Food photography falls under this category but can be more tricky and you have to capture a whole scene involving food. An image of just the food plated with props is not enough you have to capture how the food is made and presented as well as people interacting with the food being the consumer or the person making it, it makes the image exciting and fast paced which is what street food is.
img_1533 img_1572

These two photos are vibrant and there is a lot going on, it looks busy, which is ideal for street food photography.


Although this photo has not action it still represents street food photography because of the scene. There are lots of varieties and its so bright and colourful. Its eye catching and makes you want to visit that market stall.


Similary to the previous photo, this one is vibrant, not just the food but all the props are too. Its as though the sun is shining just on the food which is effective. Unlike the last photo it has people in it doing there shopping and the stall vendors this adds to the scene.


Like a previous photo, this one mainly features food. Its effective because it has all of the produce in it, its shows variety.

Sergio Coimbra | Guillaume Ferrari

These two photographers and have use two different techniques in shooting street food. The first being from a birds eye view and capturing all of the food in one scene which is common in street food photography to get all the action in. What I also like about this image is that it shows the production of making the corn staring with it in its husk, being peeled, cooked and served. You get the whole process and how it happens in one photo which is fitting for street photography as everything about it is fast paste and you want to capture all the action.


The second image shows contrast between unhealthy un-appetizing food with the lobster in the hot dog roll and the tradition sign for hot dogs of the mustard sauce however this is all presented on a lobster which is the opposite of a hot dog being expensive and a delicacy. I love the use of putting two things together that are out of place with each other it still makes a good image but I like how it can confuses the viewer but not using the stereotypical scenery for a hotdog being in a new york cart or the lobster being surround by ice and lemons in a french bistro.

Declan McCullagh

Declan McCullagh has capture some of my favourite images like a previous photo I looked at these ones focus on the food even though people are in it.
hong-kong-food-market hong-kong-butcherwan-chai-food-market-1
Peoples backs are often to the camera and they are dark so they are not as noticeable. To contrast with this the food is glowing. I think this is great because the people help make the scene of the busy lifestyle of street food but the food is still the main factor in the photos so you know its about the food not the people as much.


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