Food Festivals and Interaction with Food

Festivals are a celebration of food and culinary talents. In the UK Food festivals are all about community and fresh locally produced food British food producers pride themselves in homely local foods.
Photos to display food festivals often show a range of produce not just one type of food and the props on stalls are also import in photos as well as display for consumers. Also, some sort of interacting with the food can add to the element of a festival theme of someone preparing the food to sell.

Techniques for festival photography is similar to food and street photography. Food photography because everything must look vibrant and appetizing and the use of aperture can add to that effect. And street photography because you must be quick.

Another idea for a possible final of this project which would use the technique of street and food photography is showing peoples reactions, relationships and interactions with food. And the perfect place to achieve this is at a food festival. Showing people interacting with food shows a personal relationship with food.
In this image, everyone is happy and looking at the food, its makes the food look better. It shows a nice relationship.

The Dales Food Festival Yorkshire-1
Similarly to the last one this photo shows the people smiling but this time is the vendors. It shows that they are passionate. Whats important is that the people dont take too much attention from the food. Like these two photos it should make the food look better, like the viewer wants to see it because the other people in the photo look so happy.


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