Hereford Food Festival

To experiment with street photography and food photography techniques I went to the Hereford Flavour Festival a celebration in the towns local produce. What I would like to capture from my initial ideas in peoples relationships with food and interaction with food.
Common Settings on my Camera were:

  • Setting: M
  • Aperture: 5.6
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125
  • ISO: 400
  • White Balance: Fluorescent 7

I have learned a lot from the festival technique wise but not just in the photos. The initial idea was to capture relationship with food rather than real vibrant eye catching food. The issue with this is often people are camera shy whenever the opportunity came to photography people preparing or serving food, or interacting with each other displaying their love of food they often shied away or turned around as soon as I pointed my camera at them. But this also came from lack of confidence in myself this being one of my first major shoots in a public place and trying to pluck up the courage in taking pictures of people. This was the most difficult aspect of the shoot. However, I did get many shots of the food itself and some although very little of people interacting with it mainly their hands. I achieved the importance of filling the scene with food there are a couple of odd shots with people in the background which draws the attention away and generally makes it all look less appetising.
DSC_0510 DSC_0511
For example, The image on the right is eye catching it has a good pattern with the food and light it looks delicious! However with the second image attention is taken away from people in the background. The first image would be used in a cooking book or food article but the second would probably be use to just advertise the market with the people as opposed to just food.

Another technique I used in my photography was the dutch tilt in order to capture a huge display making it more attractive. The first picture looks a lot more appetising because of the angle fitting everything in rather than the second where food is badly cropped out and it just looks less exciting.

The main technique in food photography is the use of aperture. From previous research it is important to stick to the rule of thirds in food photography getting the main focus a third of the way in making the food pop out more and look more appetising.


Overall from this experience I got a lot of shots displaying the patterns of a food, a huge advantage of this was that a lot of the food venders set the scene for me displaying their food beautifully like with the chilli photo I just had to use the right techniques to get the best photo. Although I did not get my initial idea of a relationship with food I did get plenty of images showing food that pops out which could be displayed in restaurants or supermarkets. It would be useful to get peoples reaction of the food noted down so I know what my best photographs are.




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