My Best images

The type of images I took would be perfect displayed in supermarkets, restaurants, cafes etc. They are up close and hopefully through user testing show that they make people feel hungry.
These photos are use inside and outside of my local super markets and they are used to advertise it.

I have used the rule of thirds learnt from “Food Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots” in this image so that the main focus is a third of the way in. The person in the back I think fills in the image if it was blank it would look to bottom heavy and it reflects street photography. However, the chocolates in focus are pretty but there are a few blemishes.
This photo also represents food photography because the baskets are literally on the street. It looks rustic and reflects fresh and healthiness.

Its good how the focus gradually fades out in this photo, it is full of so much colour and looks very cute. However, it is not clear on what is it. Its not as raw as the other images because of the jars. The jars look like they represent the product rather than just the food itself.
This image is my overall favourite. Its so bright and colourful and although it is not immediately clear on what it is its still beautiful and makes you want to look harder.
In this photograph there is some interaction with the food which was my original concept. As mention before it was hard to get peoples faces due to the fact of them being camera shy. There is nice variety in colours and the image is filled with food.
As well as the meringue photo this photo pops with colour and has great contrast between the yellow and red it looks warm and hot.
This photo also shows interaction with the food. There are so many products and the display is beautiful but its not immediately clear on what the food is.
The technique is this photo is called dutch tilt and it allows me to fit all of the foods into the image. Although there was a lot of bowls there was only one basic food which was olives, just in different flavours. The other food was garlic so I though it was important so star the photo with the garlic then to fade into the olives.

This photograph to me screams homeliness. The photo is filled with warmth and the pies look delicious. Also mentioned earlier, it helps at food festivals that the displays are already set up for you so it helps that the blue complements the burnt caramel pie crusts.
Again using the rule of thirds but this time from the top of the photo. It would of been much better however to have just the cheese and the table clothe it makes it look rustic but everything else in the image makes it look messy.

Again the display is already set up for me and it looks beautiful But it is not clear on what the food is. This would be better to generally promote the company that is selling the food rather the food itself.
Its a shame that these meringues were not as vibrant as the previous ones however they are still beautiful theyre just are not as many abstract splashes and there are a few gaps.
This photograph shows so much variety but it would of been much better to capture the cheese from the front. This was not easy because it was a very busy stall I had to sneak behind it in order to get the picture.

This photo shows variety but the beige meringues at the front make it look plain. Maybe editing it to make it more vibrant could make it look less plain.
Another technique of the rule of thirds is used as well as help from the vendors to make their display so beautiful. This is another one of my favourite photos it looks delicious! It looks as though the sausage rolls go out for miles.


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