User testing

User testing is important so I can get a more emotional reaction from my images rather than if I just like them or not. I chose to do them by video selecting my best photos as well as some ones which are not so good and some that I think would get a reaction. I explained to the viewer that I will be showing them 20 photos and for each photo I would like them to say one word or sound, the first thing that comes into their mind when they see the image. It does not matter if they do not find it appetising or if they find it intriguing the idea is that I want to get some sort of show expression and emotion of how they feel when they see the photo.

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Photograph Feedback

  1. “Really nice” – Smiles
    “Ooo Looks like Thorntons” – Memories of similar things
    “Mmmm nice”
    A lot of the viewers generaly smiled and made generic food sounds like “Mmm”.
  2. “Tasty”
    “lovely sausage”
    “Ooo yeah I like that”
    Viewers general face expression was blank not too excited about the image.
  3. “Alright ….cant see it properly”
    “UHHH its ugly”
    “Never seen those before” – Confusion
    “What is that?!”
    “I dont like that what on earth is that”
    Admittedly this photo was put in for peoples reactions and to lighten the mood. The majority of views laughed or widened their eyes and looked shocked.
  4. “Spicy”
    “What are they”
    “I dont even know what that is”
    As mentioned in my annotation this photo has a lot going on in it but no food specifically. Most of the viewers saw that is was chilli because of the tags but the rest looked confused.
  5. “Peppers and chillis”
    “Loads of chillis…Yellow ones!”
    “Nice colours”
    “too hot”
    This image was clear to the viewers and they appreciated the colours. But again there were a lot of blank faces.
  6. “Dog toys”
    “More sausages”
    “What on earth is…oh salami”
    “Yeah Nice”
    Again, I threw in another image that I did not think was good to see if the viewers agreed and it seemed they did. Many didnt know what it was, some reflected on previous images of sausages and one thought it was dog toys!
  7. “Those were nice”-Smiles (has had them before)
    “Ooooo” – Looks closer”
    “Now im hungry”
    “Really nice”
    “Like home baking”- Smiles
    “yeah dont mind sausage rolls”
    “Special sausage rolls” – remembers previous experience
    This is one of the best reactions at the moment. A lot of people reacted through memory and you could see them smile as they did it they connected with the image, and the others had good responses such as “now im hungry”.
  8. “Blurgh”
    “Lots of food”
    “Oh garlic mum likes that”
    “Ooo, are they oilves?”-Looks closer
    “Bit of garlic loverly”
    From previous research garlic is seen to be a love or loathe food and its really shown in this feedback. The people who liked it connected through memory or was intrigued by what else was in the photo
  9. “Thats too much”
    “Turkish delight”-Screws up face
    “Aww turkish delight!”
    “Mmmmmm”- Smiles
    “getting a bit sweet”
    I consider Turkish Delight to be another love or loathe food and it had equal reactions similar to the garlic.
  10. “Like it on toast”
    “Lots of jam”-Smiles
    “Lots of stuff”
    “Oh my god jam”
    Looks around-“oh its jam”
    “my favourite”
    I did not think a lot of people would know what this was but more people guessed that it was jam even though you could only really see the jars. I suppose typically jam is present this way but if it was on a slice on toast it would be more appetising.
  11. “No idea what that is….oh its meringue” – Intrigued
    “Woah that is pretty”
    “Very nice”
    “Too sweet”
    This also got a response that I wanted. A lot of the views though it was “pretty” and the ones that did know what it was realised eventually and liked it.
  12. “Meringue again”
    “More meringue”
    “Thats better”
    This photo was clearer to the viewers ones reasoning was because it was more zoomed out. Otherwise the respons was pretty average not as strong as the previous photo.
  13. “Have some of those”- Smiles and nods
    “Oh wow” – trying to guess the type of pie
    “Really makes me hungry”
    This was another good reaction from the viewings one of them reflection on something more personal again. Whats really interesting was how they wanted to know more asking if it was a pork pie and generally trying to guess what type of pie it was.
  14. “Blurgh”
    “I dont like that cheese”
    Again another food love and loathe with equal reactions.
  15. “What are they”
    “Whats that beans?”- Screws up face
    “Are those nuts?”
    “Nice patterns”
    “Is that chocolate covered stuff?”
    Im happy with this feedback because I do not like the picture are was interested in what the viewers thank and nearly all of them were confused as to what it was.
  16. “Healthy”
    There is definately a Healthy vibe in this image and its not just the fruit and veg in it its the way it is displayed and the viewers have picked up on that.
  17. “Id like to try those”
    “Cheesy photo”
    “More cheese!”
    The viewer has picked up on the fact that this image has variety and is full of food. However, to me it still would of been better to have the photo taken from the front.
  18. “blurgh” “not worth the fuss” – from previous experience with the food
    “awwww chocolate”
    “Choclate again, chocolate”
    “more chocolate” -Big smiles
    “yeah il have some of those”
    Even though the first image of chocolate was 17 photographs previous people still rememebered it. Chocolate so far is clearly most peoples favourite.
  19. “Yup”-nods
    “its alright”
    This image is clear that its bear and similar to chocolate as in its generally really appetising to everyone but I just think thats because of what it is this to me is no an attractive photo.
  20. “Boobs”
    “Nice chocolates” -Big smiles
    “Ooo chocolate more chocolate”
    “Too chocolatey”
    “ohh chocolate yes lovely” – nom nom
    Again another strong reaction from chocolate which is probably the most attractive foods.

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